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Water usage and collection

Tuesday, 03 June 2014 | 0 Comments

For my HSC Mathematics General 1 class, we are currently completing the Focus Study FSPe1CEC Water usage and collection.

In this topic, students interpret information, make comparisons, and perform a range of calculations in relation to personal water usage.

These are some of the resources I have put together:

Lesson 1: Leaky Faucet by Dan Meyer

calculate the amount of water that could be saved by initiating changes to household water use

Lesson 2: Rainfall

collect and interpret data and calculate statistics on local rainfall
construct and interpret rainfall graphs 

Students used data available from the Bureau of Meteorology to collect and analyse data about rainfall in the local area.
See 02 Rainfall.docx and 02 Rainfall.xlsx in the resources. These instructions are for the area near my school, obviously you would change this to better suit your area.

Lesson 3: Water Tanks

calculate the volume of water held by tanks of various shapes and sizes 

The capacity of water tanks available from a hardware chain and a water tank manufacturer are calculated.

Lesson 4: Household Water Bill

interpret information about a household’s water usage, eg a household water bill

Using a copy of my own household water bill (with personal details redacted) 04 Water Bill.docx, we answered some straight forward questions.

Then, using facts from Sydney Water, Water use in Sydney and How much do different appliance use?, we discussed and calculated (roughly) our own personal usage and whether my household usage was reasonable.

The resources for Lessons 2 to 4 can be found here:

These resources may also suit General 2, FSRe1 Water availability and usage.

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